How to Make a Tropical Isle Hand Grenade Drink

A Tropical Isle Hand Grenade drink is a fun and refreshing way to start a day. It’s not too sweet and not too spicy, and the ingredients are easy to find. Plus, you can make it for all your friends!


The authentic tropical island hand grenade drink is the best cocktail you can find in New Orleans. It has a funky green container and a straw to speed up the process. And it is also the most powerful cocktail you can get in town.

It is made by Tropical Isle. This bar is located in the French Quarter, on Bourbon Street. They sell one million Hand Grenades a year.

The best thing about this drink is its ability to trick the brain. The ingredients are not known to the public, but they are rumored to be the secret behind the cocktail.

A bottle of Tropical Isle Hand Grenade contains 40 proof melon liqueur. It is a bright green color. There is also an orange liqueur, a black cherry liqueur, and a sweet creme de menthe. These add flavor and visual appeal.

Tropical Isle owners decided to create a new drink out of necessity. Their business was losing money and the World’s Fair theme didn’t fare well with the public.

They thought the best way to attract visitors to their location would be to create a wildly entertaining cocktail. So they got Pam Fortner and Earl Bernhardt to develop the “Tropical Itch.” At the time, this drink was widely sold in the French Quarter, and doubled as a back scratcher.

Tropical Isle’s Hand Grenade Drink is the most popular cocktail in the city. But it is not available at every bar. Instead, you can only find it at six locations on the street. You can’t buy it online or order it from a third party.

If you are going to be in New Orleans, you should definitely check out a bar that serves this iconic cocktail. However, the real deal is only served at Tropical Isle.

Those who visit the Funky Pirate on Bourbon Street or the Tropical Isle are sure to be able to sample this cocktail. All of these bars are in the French Quarter.

To make this cocktail you need the following: two ounces of white spirits, a liqueur, a lime wedge, a maraschino cherry, and a straw.


One of the most famous cocktails in New Orleans is the Hand Grenade drink. The cocktail is made from a combination of gin, melon liqueur, and white spirits. It is served in a tall, green yard glass. However, its ingredients are a mystery, so there are no published recipes.

Tropical Isle, a bar in New Orleans, invented the hand grenade drink. Earl Bernhardt and Pam Fortner were business partners when they decided to open a concession at the World’s Fair in 1984. They were losing money, and decided to create a new drink.

At the time, the owners were looking for a way to get the drink to be greener. They ended up blending thirteen different ingredients. This drink is a fruity mix that has a sweet and smooth flavor.

Today, the Hand Grenade is served at Tropical Isle bars and Funky Pirate on Bourbon Street. These establishments are known for their fun games and live music.

If you’re visiting the French Quarter, you can’t visit New Orleans without stopping at the Tropical Isle. There’s a happy hour there each week that involves three times the pour in each well drink.

Aside from their signature drink, Tropical Isle has several other liqueurs available. One of these is the Hurricane, which is a sweet, tropical drink that is served over ice. You can enjoy it at parties or during a hot day.

There are two other locations on Bourbon Street, including the original Tropical Isle location at 600 Bourbon Street, and the Tropical Isle Beach Club & Music Bar at 610 Bourbon Street. Both of these places are packed with local regulars.

When a new visitor to New Orleans comes to town, it’s natural for them to be drawn to the vibrant party atmosphere on Bourbon Street. Fortunately, the city is also home to many of the country’s most iconic bars.

The Tropical Isle Hand Grenade is a flubber-colored liqueur, which has a sweet, melon flavor. It’s available in a yard-long, neon reusable glass.

Tropical Isle also sells bottled versions of the cocktail. It’s a family-run business that has helped define the history of New Orleans.


The origins of Tropical Isle’s Hand Grenade drink are intriguing. It started as a small frozen drink stand at the 1984 World’s Fair in New Orleans. Earl and Pam, owners of the Tropical Isle bar, decided to create a new drink with the concept of a hand grenade.

They wanted to make a drink that would rival Pat O’Brien’s Hurricane. In order to do this, they used plastic hand grenades as inspiration. When Pam spotted a toy hand grenade at the Mardi Gras emporium, she knew she’d found the idea for the perfect drink.

Earl and Pam hoped that the new drink would be a hit in the French Quarter and Bourbon Street. Unfortunately, they didn’t do as well as they had hoped.

Pam and Earl then tried to trademark the phrase “Home of the Hand Grenade” in 2002. Although the phrase has been registered as a federal trademark since then, they have been fighting off a number of other businesses that try to use the same name.

For instance, one local couple, Melinda and Stephen Lautzenhiser, visited the city after seeing a TikTok video of a bartender throwing a hand grenade. These people said they were impressed by the cocktail, but that the beverage wasn’t as good as the one in the video.

Tropical Isle has made a name for itself by serving the hand grenade. It is one of the most famous drinks in New Orleans and a favorite among tourists. However, it’s not something locals are likely to enjoy.

The Tropical Isle website advises visitors to not drink more than four Hand Grenades. They are also advised to raise a mug of Coffee Au Lait, or a shot of Abita.

Although the Hand Grenade has been defended in court hundreds of times, it hasn’t quite won the battle. The company has had to settle a lawsuit with Bourbon Street Wilmington, a bar that reportedly sold the “grenade mix” to the public.

The Tropical Isle bar has even gone as far as to offer a $250 reward for any information on the illegal use of its name or trademarks.

Comparing Hurricanes and Hand Grenade

One of the most popular drinks in New Orleans is the Hand Grenade drink. If you’re unfamiliar with the cocktail, you might be asking yourself what is a Hand Grenade and how does it compare to a Hurricane. The answer is that both drinks are similar in many ways, but they also have their own unique flavor profiles.

Hurricanes are a rum-based drink that was created in the 1940s. At that time, whiskey was scarce. Therefore, the drink was created in order to sell a large amount of rum. It is served in a tall glass and is often garnished with a straw.

A Hurricane is traditionally made with four ounces of rum and lemon juice. However, you can also add grenadine to the mix to make a Rum Sour. You can also use fresh fruit to boost the flavor of the beverage. Watermelon is a good option, as it adds visual appeal and enhances the fruit flavors. Other options include pomegranate and pineapple, which are more commonly used.

The Hand Grenade is a drink that has a high alcohol content. As a result, it’s often accompanied by a hangover. This is because the ingredients are not diluted enough. Although the drink has a sweet taste, it’s still a very potent one. That’s why it’s not suitable for people who are expecting a night of drinking.

On the other hand, the Hand Grenade is a more complex drink. It has a high alcohol volume and a secret ingredient. These ingredients aren’t available at any retail store, so you will have to buy the drink online. Once you’ve purchased the ingredients, follow the recipe to make the cocktail.

Although Hurricanes and Hand Grenades are very different in flavor, they are both very popular. The key to making the perfect Hurricane is to not overdo it. Make sure the cocktail is not too sweet or too sour. Also, make sure to shake the ingredients well. When the drink is ready, serve it on ice. Use medium ice cubes so it won’t melt. Don’t forget to pour the liqueurs into the shaker. Cap the shaker tightly.

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