How to Get to Moorea From Tahiti

If you are planning on visiting Moorea, there are several different ways to get there. Some options include flying to Tahiti and taking a ferry to the island, or taking a jet ski tour. Regardless of which route you choose, there are a few things you should know.

Aremiti ferries

Aremiti ferries to Moorea from Tahiti provide a convenient way to get to this popular island in French Polynesia. The trip from Tahiti to Moorea takes about thirty to forty minutes and is a pleasant ride.

You can purchase a ticket for the ferry online or at the terminal. Tickets are available for adults, seniors and children. A round-trip ticket costs around $33 and a one-way ticket is $15. Purchasing a ticket allows you to board the ferry without having to wait.

There are several things to see and do in Moorea. The island has white sand beaches, crystal clear water, and a variety of underwater life.

Before you head to Moorea, you may want to check out a tour company. You can also hire a car to help you get around. Rental rates vary depending on the number of days you rent.

There are two ferry companies that run between Tahiti and Moorea on a daily basis. These companies are Aremiti and Terevau. Although the two ferries are different, the company uses the same high-speed vessels.

Aremiti ferries to Moorea operate seven to twelve times a day. One of these ferries is a 56-metre ship called the Aremiti 5. It has a sun deck, snack bar, and a deluxe air-conditioned room. This vessel can carry up to 697 passengers and 30 light vehicles.

Another ferry company, Vaeara’i, operates the other ferry. It operates daily schedules with multiple departures from Tahiti. Compared to Aremiti, Terevau is cheaper. However, its schedules may not be as frequent.

Unlike airplanes, the Moorea ferry network does not have designated stops. Buses pick up passengers along the way. In addition, there are no seat assignments. Passengers can use their own luggage.

Aremiti and Terevau ferries to Moorea from Tahiti are both pleasant. If you want to save time, take a day trip. Start early and arrive before the ferry leaves. Also, don’t forget to take motion sickness pills.

The Aremiti ferry has a snack bar and restrooms. For your convenience, the ferry terminal is close to many shops and restaurants.

Terevau ferries

Taking a ferry to Moorea is an experience in itself. You can sit back and relax while you cross the beautiful waters. However, there are some things to keep in mind before boarding the boat. Firstly, make sure to have a good pair of motion sickness pills. Second, you may want to bring a bag of clothing and/or a small backpack. The inside seats have big windows that allow you to see the beauty of the sea.

If you’re lucky, you may even have a day with clear skies. This is a huge plus for any trip to the French Polynesia islands.

There are several ways to get to Moorea from Tahiti. Some of the popular ones are by car, by plane, and by boat. Depending on your schedule, you may need to book ahead.

If you are in a hurry to visit the islands, you should consider a flight. It is a very quick way to get to Moorea. On the other hand, flying is not the cheapest option.

Alternatively, you can take a high-speed ferry. A round-trip ticket costs between $11 and $15. Prices range depending on the ferry company.

Getting to Moorea from Tahiti is easy. There are two companies that offer ferries. Terevau and Aremiti run daily departures. Using the ferry, you can travel to and from Moorea in just 30 minutes.

One of the advantages of taking the ferry is that there is no boarding process. You can bring your own luggage, or rent a vehicle. In addition, there are plenty of table and seat options.

Another advantage of taking the ferry is that you can see the scenery as you cross from Papeete to Moorea. Unlike a plane, you can view the island from the top deck.

Tickets are available online, on the boat, or in person. Ticket prices vary based on the size of your car and whether you are a senior citizen. For adults, a one-way ticket costs $10, while a round-trip cost is $11. Similarly, tickets for seniors are $5 and children $6.

Taking a ferry to Moorea is a great way to see the French Polynesia islands. It’s also a very fun way to get there.

Air Tahiti flights

Air Tahiti is a domestic airline that connects the population of French Polynesia with other countries. They fly to 38 islands from their home base in Papeete, Tahiti. Among their destinations is Moorea. The island is an ideal destination for vacationers, as it offers breathtaking views and serene surroundings.

For travelers who want to visit the island of Moorea, Air Tahiti offers direct flights. It takes about 15 minutes to travel from Tahiti to Moorea. If you are interested in a vacation on this beautiful island, you should get a ticket on Air Tahiti.

In addition to Moorea, Air Tahiti also provides services for other islands, such as Raiatea, Huahine, and Rarotonga. This is the only airline that flies to these islands.

Passengers on Air Tahiti can also enjoy a variety of entertainment options. Some of them include a nine-inch high-definition screen, an in-flight Wi-Fi, and USB ports for charging personal electronics. Moreover, passengers can also recline their seats to 118 degrees, as long as they meet the requirements.

Air Tahiti’s baggage limit is 22 pounds. If you are bringing too much luggage, you will be charged a substantial amount of money. However, you can avoid this extra charge by storing your baggage at the hotel before your flight.

Air Tahiti has 10 aircraft in its fleet. You can reserve your seat up to 72 hours before your flight. Also, you can check the status of your flight using your PNR number.

Air Tahiti’s website gives you more details about their service. Moreover, they also offer recommended itineraries to help you plan your trip.

You can book your flight on the airline’s website. Additionally, you can also check its Facebook page. Aside from the recommended itinerary, they also offer special airfares until December 31, 2022. With the airline’s promotion, you can enjoy a trip to the island of Moorea at a much lower cost.

There are also charter boats and cruises that allow you to see multiple islands. You can also rent a motorcycle for a short ride on some islands.

When traveling to Moorea, make sure that you are well prepared for your journey. Despite the fact that the island is only a 15-minute plane ride away, you need to be ready for a change of scenery.

Jet ski tours

If you are a lover of water sports and want to explore the beautiful lagoon of Tahiti, there is no better way to do it than by joining a jet ski tour. These tours provide an opportunity to see dolphins and rays while you ride your jet ski through the turquoise waters of the island.

If you are traveling with young children or are looking for an adventure, the jet ski and quad bike combo tour is a perfect choice. The combo tour includes a guided tour of the island, a ride on a jet ski, and an all-terrain vehicle adventure. It includes stops at a fruit plantation, an agricultural school, and some amazing viewpoints.

On the Moorea jet ski tour, you can choose to go solo or with a guide. You will experience some breathtaking scenery, including mountains, landmark buildings, and a swim in a pristine lagoon. You will also have a chance to swim with tropical fish and sharks, as well as turtles and whales.

The Jet Ski Tour begins in the Bay of Opunohu. From there, you will travel to the former Moorea village. This is where you will find the “Magic Mountain”. You will then be able to climb to the top.

Once you reach the summit, you will be able to take in the panoramic view of the island. You will then be able to ask questions to your guide.

You will be able to go on a snorkeling or a ray feeding tour as well. These tours are great for those who want to see dolphins, rays, and sharks in their natural habitat. They are safe and comfortable.

These tours can be scheduled at any time. However, if you wish to book a tour, you will need to make a credit card deposit. For a private tour, you will need to pay a total of $295 for the jet ski, $220 for the quad, and $350 for the land and sea combo.

These trips are available during the morning or afternoon. Your trip will begin with a pickup from your hotel.

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