How to Get a Job With No Experience in the UK

There are a few tips that can help you get a job with no experience in the UK. The first thing is to check out company websites. This can give you background information about the company and the right person to approach for a job interview. Often, the human resources department makes hiring decisions but it is a good idea to find out who actually makes the final call. Another tip is to check with your home country’s consulate or embassy. Also, make sure that you have a good English level.

Some jobs don’t require prior work experience

While many entry-level positions do require experience, some are ideal for newcomers without a background in the field. Glassdoor has recently released a list of jobs that don’t require prior work experience and also revealed the salaries that these positions typically bring in. The following are just a few examples.


Networking is a vital aspect of job-hunting in the UK, as many jobs are filled by word of mouth and are never advertised. It is vital to make lots of contacts, join professional networking sites like LinkedIn, and ask for introductions. You can also attend networking events in your area, or create your own networking group.

The most important thing to remember when networking is to be trustworthy. This will make you more credible and will make employers overlook your lack of experience. Regardless of whether you have work experience, you should learn how to network in order to get the best possible recommendations. It is important to learn how to network effectively, and to never be afraid of starting from scratch.

Getting work experience

Getting work experience is very important when applying for entry-level positions. Many employers will select candidates based on how successful they have been in the past. While you may have no experience in the field you are applying for, think about your education, soft skills, and work experience from different industries.

If you have no experience in a field, consider taking online courses. You can find dozens of courses at sites such as Skillshare. Many courses are free and offer certification. Some of these courses are specialized in particular industries. Another option is to enroll in online coding bootcamps.

Networking is another effective way to get work experience. Ask your friends and former classmates for references. Using LinkedIn to find companies and individuals may help you get in touch with them. You can also visit their websites to get more information about their job openings. These methods may not give you a lot of experience, but they are an excellent way to find out about a potential career.

Besides networking, you can also leverage your professional network to get work experience. For instance, if you have experience in data journalism, consider taking a data journalism course to get some real-world experience. In addition to this, consider joining a virtual work experience program like Forage. This way, you can get some experience without having to spend time building a resume.

While getting work experience to get a job with no job experience is a challenge, it’s not impossible. If you have a great personality and a strong work ethic, your chances will be better than your lack of experience. If you can convey that you’re excited and eager to learn, you’re bound to get an interview.

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