How to Add a Disney Genie to Tickets

If you’re planning a trip to Disney World, there are many things you can do to ensure that you get the most out of your visit. For example, if you plan to ride the Genie+ attractions, you’ll want to make sure you make reservations well in advance of your trip. Also, you’ll want to check out the wait times for these rides and attractions, as you’ll have to plan accordingly.

Make a reservation for a Genie+ ride

If you are purchasing tickets for a Walt Disney World trip, you may be wondering how to make a reservation for a Genie+ ride. This is a fairly straightforward process, and can save you a lot of time.

First, you will want to consider the attractions that you will most enjoy. You might find that a certain ride has a shorter queue than the other attractions in the park, so you may want to make a beeline for it.

Next, you will want to check the times of the rides that you plan to ride. There are different park hours, and you may wish to avoid a particular park in the middle of the day if possible.

For example, at Disneyland, lines are usually short in the morning and after the parks close. But, if you are hoping to get on a popular attraction, such as Space Mountain, you may need to book an extra few days.

As a final note, you will want to check the return time for the rides that you are planning to ride. You will not want to wait in a long line only to be told that the ride is closed.

Another thing to consider is the upcharge feature of the Genie. Although a Genie+ ride is not included in your ticket price, it does offer a number of other features. It includes a guided audio tour, AR filters for your photos, and line-skipping via the Lightning Lane.

When you’re ready to make your Genie+ ride reservations, head over to the Tip Board. A little banner will likely appear at the top. This is a great way to quickly see which attractions are available.

Check out wait times for a Genie+ attraction

One of the best ways to check out wait times for a Disney Genie+ attraction is to use the Disney Genie app. It will show you a list of wait times for each attraction in the park, and then you can adjust your party’s schedule to fit your own personal preferences.

The Disney Genie app is not exclusive to guests staying at a Disney hotel. In fact, it’s available to anyone who is visiting a theme park at Walt Disney World. Guests can also get a free trip planning service from the Genie, which helps them plug in their interests and plan their day.

Unlike the old FastPass+ system, the Disney Genie doesn’t guarantee you’ll get on an attraction. You can’t cancel or re-book a reservation, but you can change the time of your visit. If your selected attraction is running late, you can cancel it.

If your chosen attraction isn’t running, you can still use the traditional standby line. There is also the option of a single rider line, which can help reduce the overall queue length.

When making a reservation, remember that the Genie+ reservation window is 120 minutes after the park opens. This rule applies to both the Magic Kingdom and Disney’s Hollywood Studios. That means you’ll need to choose your selection as soon as possible.

Another strategy is to try to ride one of the more popular rides in the park first. These rides can be stacked if there aren’t many people in line. However, keep in mind that you may run out of Genie+ selections for the ride in question before you can return.

The Disney Genie Plus service allows guests to reserve two different attractions each day, but you can only use each of these rides once.

Return time window is over two hours away

It may not be apparent, but Walt Disney World’s Genie system is quite complicated. Many parts are involved, and guests need to watch the return times of their Lightning Lane reservation.

The Genie system isn’t perfect, though. For example, guests cannot select an attraction a full 120 minutes after the park opens. That means the first time you book a ride with a Genie+ ticket, you won’t be able to make another selection until later in the day.

There are also a number of attractions that aren’t eligible for the Genie+ service. Some are also sold out during the early morning release, so guests need to monitor the return times.

If you’re a Disney fanatic, you’re probably aware that the Magic Kingdom has two rides that are in high demand: the Flight of Passage and the Test Track. However, it’s the Tower of Terror that really gets your heart pumping.

Other popular attractions include the Jungle Cruise and the Soarin’. While you can’t ride those attractions with a Genie+, you can ride them in the morning, when their waits are usually the shortest of the day.

If you’re looking to save some cash, you can buy an Individual Lightning Lane for these attractions. This option is available to both hotel and theme park guests. In addition to the individual lane, guests can also purchase a Multiple Experiences Pass for one or two of the rides.

You may also be able to make your own Lightning Lane reservation, if you have the patience. A good rule of thumb is to grab the most popular Lightning Lane, the first time you use it.

Skip-the-line benefit isn’t guaranteed

Genie+ is a service offered by Disney. It allows guests to book a selection of attractions ahead of time. While the service is not guaranteed to save you from waiting in line, it may prove to be a boon to guests who do not wish to spend a lot of time in line.

The Genie+ app is free to download. When you first open the app, you will see a splash screen. If you have a reservation, the My Day tab should appear. Among other things, this tab will offer you recommendations of dining options with short wait times.

While the Genie+ service is free to download, you will need to pay for your attraction selections. You can purchase Individual Lightning Lanes for $10-22 per ride, or pay for them for the entire day. Guests can only select one Individual Lightning Lane per park, though.

For larger groups, you can make multiple reservations for the same ride. You can also cancel, rebook, or modify your reservations once you have them. A single reservation can be made for up to two attractions per day.

One of the more useful features of the Genie+ is the Multiple Experiences Pass. These are offered for most of the most popular rides. Those with this pass are eligible for a different return time window than guests who do not have it. During these periods, some attractions are easier to access, and others are more slow.

Depending on the time of year, you might find that select attractions have shorter wait times. This feature is most useful at Disney California Adventure.

In the event that a ride breaks down, Disney cast members will be ready to help. They will wear blue umbrellas.

Avoid peak attendance periods

When adding a Disney genie to tickets, you’ll have the option to select your arrival window. You’ll have the flexibility to select a time when it isn’t busy, allowing you to take a break without worrying about other guests.

Depending on the date and the park, you may have a few different return times. Wait times can change at any given moment, depending on how busy the park is. For example, the wait for the TRON Lightcycle Run might be faster during the morning but will be longer later in the day.

In addition to the individual attraction Lightning Lanes, guests can also purchase a Multiple Experience. This gives you access to multiple attractions, though you’ll have to buy separate tickets. The ride will still be listed separately on your ticket, but you’ll get the benefit of a reduced or eliminated wait.

As of now, the Genie system is quite confusing. While it is meant to make visiting Walt Disney World easier, there are a lot of moving parts.

Rather than purchasing a single Genie+ ticket, you should purchase a Genie Plus for the entire length of your stay. Purchasing Genie Plus isn’t required for all attractions, but is recommended during periods of heavy attendance at either Magic Kingdom or Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

If you’re planning on going to the Disney California Adventure Park or the Animal Kingdom, you’ll want to use Genie+ to book your first attraction before 7 a.m. This will ensure you enter the park before the crowds, ensuring you can enjoy your first attraction with minimal wait.

During busy periods, Genie+ works well at the Magic Kingdom, but the service is less reliable at the other two parks. Because it isn’t always available after noon, you’ll need to book an early ride to avoid having to wait in the standby line.

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