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Spotify recently released a new list called Fresh Finds, which boosts artists’ monthly listeners by 108%. The playlist features 44% of artists that didn’t previously have more than 21k monthly listeners, and 70% of those artists will soon appear on other Spotify playlists. This list is a great way to discover new music that you might not otherwise hear.


Blondshell has released a new song as a Spotify Fresh Finds. The track is called ‘Cartoon Earthquake,’ and is the fourth single by Blondshell this year. Her previous singles include ‘Olympus’ and ‘Kiss City.’ Despite the gloomy and sombre tone of her music, Blondshell describes her work as ‘hopeful and confessional.’ It also features an adventurous song structure.

Blondshell’s music has gotten plenty of attention from publications and music critics. She was recently included on The New York Times’ “Popcast Live! The New Faces of 2022,” a program that spotlights breakout artists of the year. Her writing style has received praise from Stereogum and UPROXX, and NYLON calls her a “must-hear” artist. She has even played “Carry The Zero” by Built To Spill at The Echo, where she’s been praised by the audience for her “sexy voice”.

Spotify’s Fresh Finds playlist features music by emerging artists. It provides artists with educational resources, one-on-one mentorship with a Spotify member, and personalized instruction in using Spotify tools. With the program, fresh artists can showcase their music in a new way and attract more listeners.

Spotify’s Fresh Finds playlist is a great way to discover new music. Each day, the site uploads thousands of new tracks. Spotify’s curation team carefully chooses the artists to feature on its streaming service. Thousands of rising artists have been featured, including Clairo, Amine, and Omar Apollo.


Canadian alt-rocker EKKSTACY has teamed up with producers for a fresh new sound this summer. The foursome will create new songs to be released in June. These new artists will work with a variety of producers, including Jonny Pierce, Julia Wolf, and Unusual Demont.

The band’s music combines an ethereal vocal tone with melancholic songwriting. The lyrics depict internal conflict and contrast with the easy-going instrumentation. The band is also collaborating with Drums’ Jonny Pierce to create a unique sound. ‘F*ck Everything’ is the band’s latest release.

Spotify’s Fresh Finds program will feature new independent artists and give them the chance to gain exposure. These artists will receive a broader audience and marketing push through collaborations with producers and songwriters. In exchange, they will receive exclusive singles on the Spotify platform. Currently, the program is available in Australia, Brazil, and India.

The Spotify Fresh Finds program is an initiative that pairs independent artists with producers to help them build a sustainable career. The program helps artists develop their skills and reach new audiences by helping them learn, collaborate, and grow. It also offers support with marketing, which helps make it easier for artists to reach their goals.

The Fresh Finds program helps emerging independent artists reach the world stage. The program launched last month and pairs new artists with veteran producers and songwriters for a chance to get noticed. The first class of artists includes Julia Wolf, Wallice, Unusual Demont, and EKKSTACY.

Since its launch, Fresh Finds has featured over 25,000 new artists and helped launch the careers of acclaimed acts. The program also boosts the average monthly listener of featured artists by 108% in just 28 days.

EKKSTACY’s song collaboration with Jonny Pierce

The upcoming release of EKKSTACY’s song collaboration featuring Jonny Pierce on Spotify is a promising sign for the singer-songwriter. The song features a mix of melancholy lyrics and breezy instrumentation. While on the surface it sounds upbeat, the lyrics reveal a struggle within the singer. With influences ranging from Bon Iver to Elliott Smith, the Canadian singer-songwriter is a definite talent to keep an eye out for.

Fresh Finds is Spotify’s initiative for discovering new talent. The platform is working with independent artists and producers to create new songs for the platform. The company has collaborated with artists such as Ariel Rechtshaid, Jackson Foote, and Julia Wolf for the Fresh Finds playlist. The Fresh Program will help these emerging artists by providing resources, mentorship, and collaboration opportunities.

Spotify’s Fresh Finds playlists are designed to help up-and-coming artists gain a global fan base. The Fresh Finds playlist has featured over 25,000 artists so far. Artists featured on Fresh Finds typically gain a 108% increase in listenership in only 28 days. Additionally, 44% of artists featured on Fresh Finds go on to receive further opportunities from the platform.

The Fresh Finds program helps artists gain exposure and improve their craft. Artists are paired with producers who are able to help them get their songs heard by a wider audience. EKKSTACY’s song collaboration on Spotify is a prime example of this.

Spotify’s Fresh Finds program highlights the best new music from independent artists and labels. Since its launch in 2016, Fresh Finds has featured over 25000 artists. According to Spotify, artists that were featured on Fresh Finds grew their audience by 108% in 28 days.

EKKSTACY’s music

Spotify has announced its Fresh Finds program, which focuses on bringing emerging artists the exposure they need to achieve success. As part of this program, artists are paired with producers and songwriters to create original tracks. These artists will be featured on Spotify’s Fresh Finds playlist. The program also includes a one-on-one mentorship opportunity and personalized Masterclass sessions. Each Fresh Find will release an exclusive single for streaming.

EKKSTACY’s music is a unique blend of alternative and synth-wave styles. The songs are catchy and upbeat, but contain a melancholy underlying tone. The vocals are silky, while the production is rich and complex. The track also features reverb and layers of sound.

EKKSTACY is a Canadian alt-rock musician who has drawn inspiration from artists such as Lana Del Rey and Weezer. She will be collaborating with producer Ariel Rechtshaid and guitarist Jonny Pierce. Her new songs will be available on Spotify in June. The program also features songwriter Julia Wolf, who has been influenced by her grandfather’s work as a drummer with Curtis Mayfield.

Fresh Finds is a program developed by Spotify to promote new artists. The playlist launched in 2016 and features the best new music from independent and label artists. Since then, it has featured more than 25,000 artists and has helped launch the careers of acclaimed artists. According to Spotify, artists featured on Fresh Finds receive an average of 108% increase in monthly streams in just 28 days.

Fresh Finds artists receive a comprehensive range of resources to accelerate their careers. These resources include personalized Masterclasses, mentorship, credits for Spotify for Artists resources, and marketing support.

EKKSTACY’s song collaboration with The Drums

Vancouver, Canada’s EKKSTACY recently released his debut album, Negative. The album features his singles “in love,” “it only gets worse,” “i promise,” and “walk the earth by myself.” The songs feature genre-bending soundscapes and rolling percussion. The hazy vocals of EKKSTACY float throughout the album. Their eerie lyrics tell a tale of the ups and downs of relationships.

A self-described “indie superstar,” EKKSTACY has been gaining recognition as a rising icon. His sad rock jams rival the best of the older generations of artists. He has a unique style and a knack for writing a catchy track. His new song, ‘f*ck everything,’ has already hit Spotify’s fresh finds program. The song combines EKKSTACY’s uniquely infectious style with the sound of New York’s The Drums.

The song collaboration between EKKSTACY and The Drums is a fitting pairing. EKKSTACY has drawn inspiration from bands like Weezer, Lana Del Rey, and Vampire Weekend. She is also working with producer Ariel Rechtshaid and marinelli. Meanwhile, Wisconsin’s Unusual Demont is inspired by his grandfather’s work as a drummer for Curtis Mayfield. The song also features Julia Wolf and Jackson Foote.

The Fresh Finds program is a new initiative from Spotify to help emerging artists gain exposure. In its first year, it featured 25,000 new artists. Fresh Finds artists increased their monthly listenership by 108%. In addition, 44% of Fresh Finds artists go on to be added to another playlist on Spotify. In addition to highlighting new music, Fresh Finds artists are also provided with a suite of opportunities and education.

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